Sunday, 16 June 2013


Narratives- Fractured Fairy tales

We are learning to write a fictional narrative by adapting a fairy tale.

We will know we can do this when we can..
Follow the Writing Process – planning, draft copy, editing and publishing
Have a title
Write three paragraphs: an Orientation, a Complication and a Resolution
Write in past tense
Use direct speech (dialogue)
Use onomatopoeia, questions and similes to create pictures with words and build suspense

 Seren said, "I wrote about mermaids and fish.  I like my story because I like mermaids.  I learnt  to make my story interesting by using interesting words.  I learnt  to use similes like they swam as fast as lightning.  Next Step: I'm going do more similes and check for full-stops and capital letters."

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